1 Jan 2009

The Original Gristleiser

The original Gristleiser (aka: The Gristleizer or Gristliser) was a special effects unit used by industrial experimental band Throbbing Gristle during the 1970s & early 1980s'.

The original Gristleiser was made by me and was based on a design by Roy Gwinn that was published as the 'GEP' (Guitar Effects Pedal) in Practical Electronics magazine and sold in kit form (just the PCB & components) by Phonosonics in the UK in 1977.

I never made any secret of the origins of the Gristleizer design, and in fact I had the Phonosonics schematics on my website for anyone to access use for a number of years. However, for my adaption of Roy's design I added some modifications of his own and designed and made a completely new case and constructed units for myself, our band (Throbbing Gristle) and various friends around the world, only probably about 12 units in total. Cosey's Gristleizer unit was still working until April 2009, but mine was unfortunately lost (or stolen) shortly after being exhibited in the TG24 exhibition in London in 2002. BTW: I would really appreciate the return of this unit, no questions asked!

The photos below show Cosey's Gristleizer from 1977, which was still functioning until 2009. It was the third unit I built but only the second to be fitted into this case design. It has the serial number 02 on the base.
Original TG Gristleizer

Except for the first prototype (which was in a slightly larger case) all the Gristleizers I made were built into this case design.
Original TG Gristleizer-inside view

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